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10/21/14 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Details, Trailer, Gallery Added
Dragoons everywhere, rejoice. Just don't die in the process.
10/21/14 Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Patch 2.4 Goes Live October 28th
And the DPS queues are about get worse than Turn 3.
10/20/14 Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea Swimming West in 2015
The end of the Dusk Trilogy heads our way.
10/19/14 Red Mage and Machinist Join the Final Fantasy Explorers Job List
Two new jobs, Odin and Amaterasu are on the way!
10/18/14 Final Fantasy XV and Type-0 HD TGS Talk Show Now in English
Jump in and see!
10/18/14 Gilded Wasteland Expansion Coming to Swordsman This Week
Check out the trailer!
10/18/14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Heavensward Announced
First details on the MMO's first expansion, tweeted live!
10/17/14 Steins;Gate Review
The visual novel adaptation of the anime series.
10/17/14 Shattered Planet Review
Just remember: when you die, your items are gone for good.
10/17/14 Shiny Gengar Available Now at Gamestop!
Wait, ghost Pokémon sparkle now? Outrageous!!!
10/17/14 Atelier Escha & Logy Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Coming to Japan in January
I can barely pronounce that!
10/17/14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Patch 2.4 Trailer
I'm Canadian. I don't have to dream of ice.
10/17/14 Soar Above Hoenn in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Plus, introducing Mega Steelix and Mega Glalie.
10/16/14 The Witcher 3 Opening Cinematic to Debut Next Week
CD PROJEKT RED plans to unveil the epic intro at the Golden Joystick Awards.
10/16/14 Beautiful Scans Featuring Tales of Zestiria's New Cast Additions and More
Fox-like villains, goth adversaries, and EVA suits! Is this throwback thursday?
10/15/14 Qora Review
When an hour feels like forever.
10/15/14 Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition Review
What's he looking at so intensely?
10/15/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition's Hero of Thedas Trailer
Will you be naughty or nice?
10/14/14 The Legend of Grimrock II Review
Open world puzzle crawler.
10/13/14 Pre-Orders of Tales of Hearts R to come with Extra Costumes
Get these throwback looks while you can!
10/13/14 Mistwalker's Terra Battle Out Now
Free-to-play on iOS and Android.
10/12/14 New Megas Revealed and Fly to Mythical Places in Pokémon Omega & Alpha
Beedrill, Pideot, Latias, Latios and more!
10/12/14 Atelier Ayesha Plus Heading to Europe Next Year
Come on Koei Tecmo, don't forget North America!
10/12/14 The Bard's Tale (Mobile) Review
With Cary Elwes, best known for his role in the horror film Saw.
10/12/14 Mobile Side-Quests and the Cat Emperor
New ideas about integrating mobile devices and console games.
10/11/14 New Screens, Art for Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart
See, there's "regular" devotion, then "super" devotion. But "hyper" takes devotion to a whole new level.
10/10/14 Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Out on November 4th
Time to harvest some wheat.
10/10/14 Ace Attorney Trilogy Coming in December
I have no objection with this.
10/10/14 Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart Coming Soon to NA and European Audiences
The latest Compile Heart title with an exceedingly long name is on the way!
10/10/14 RPGFan is Hiring!
Calling all news and music writers!
10/09/14 First Images of New Zestiria Characters Simon and Renard
Two ruthless additions to the cast are on the way!
10/09/14 Rhythm Encounter 17 - New Beginnings
Because that is what it is. A new beginning!
10/09/14 Legendary Backstory for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire... Legendaries
Here's hoping they have tragic backstories that make them brooding antiheroes.
10/09/14 Dragon Quest II Now Available on Mobile Phones
Isn't that the game with Gohan?
10/09/14 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Story Recap Trailer
And a whole bunch of new screen shots for all three included titles!
10/09/14 Meet Persona Q's Rei & Aigis in New Videos + New Screens
In case you, like us, simply can't get enough of this game.
10/08/14 Free Copies of Dragon Age: Origins for PC Players
I know this sounds like spam, but hear me out!
10/08/14 Dead Island 2 Hands-On Preview
Borderlands without guns probably wouldn't be very fun, would it?
10/08/14 Hands On! With Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Yay!
Exclamation points are fun! Almost as fun as Borderlands!
10/07/14 Kingdom Hearts III Shifts to Unreal Engine 4
Something something drive form joke.
10/07/14 Gamebook DestinyQuest Gets First Trailer
These are becoming more popular, eh?
10/07/14 My My, There's a Familiar Face in FFXIV's New Dungeon
You Final Fantasy XI players will especially find this one interesting.
10/07/14 New Omega Quintet Trailers For Each Heroine
Idols unite!
10/06/14 Bloodborne Alpha Glitch Reveals Additional Areas and Boss
Some tricky players have gained access to previously hidden content. Be sure to check it out while you can!
10/06/14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Patch 2.3 Review
The tenth entry in our massive review journal for Square's successful MMO.
10/06/14 Shining Resonance Tuning System Detailed
Fine tune your party and their instruments!
10/06/14 Final Fantasy Explorers Won't Use Stereoscopic 3D
Remember when this technology was a big deal?
10/05/14 Mevius Final Fantasy Trademarked in Europe
What does Square Enix have in store for European fans?
10/05/14 Sword Art Online: Lost Song Announced For PS3, PS Vita
Fly around ALfheim Online.
10/05/14 Rose and Zaveid Feature in Tales of Zestiria's Latest Trailers
Zaveid still looks like he's wielding an Evoker from P3.
10/05/14 Etrian Odyssey Untold II's Newest Trailer Introduces Chloe
A "Doctor Magus."
10/05/14 Neverending Nightmares Review
Nightmares not guaranteed to be neverending.
10/04/14 RPGFan Music: Drakengard III OST
Take a drag on this, dragoons.
10/04/14 Spirit Maids and Action SRPG Combat Find Their Way Into Forbidden Magna
Wait, spirit maids?
10/04/14 New Cast Members Revealed for Tears to Tiara II
I like the guy with the horns!
10/04/14 Hironobu Sakaguchi Brings Terra Battle to Mobile Platforms on October 9th
An interesting tactical role-playing game from the creator of Final Fantasy.
10/04/14 Fairy Fencer F Review
Is a Care Bear one of the playable characters?
10/04/14 Kemco Releases New RPG on Android
Should I stay or should I go?
10/04/14 Pillars of Eternity Delayed to 2015
Early 2015, at least.
10/03/14 The Review of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Kyle shares his thoughts on The Astronauts’ recently-released thought-provoking adventure title.
10/02/14 Mega Rayquaza Heading to Pokemon Alpha & Omega
I could pretend to be surprised.
10/02/14 Fairune Channels NES RPG Goodness on 3DS
Bump to win!
10/02/14 Special Halloween Pokemon Available Through October
Insert Halloween pun here.
10/02/14 Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Preview
No Social Links!?
10/02/14 Secret of Mana Cast Joins Rise of Mana
Nostalgia for the win!
10/01/14 Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Persona 3 Trailers
A Persona 3 story trailer, new character Zen and the man himself, Junpei Iori!
10/01/14 Borderlands 2 Coming to Japanese Vitas
Some loot for your pocket!
10/01/14 More Information on Final Fantasy Explorers Revealed
Class types and Trance mechanics galore!
10/01/14 Random Encounter - Episode 85
From the top rope!
09/30/14 More Info on the New Antagonists for Shining Resonance
Why do the bad guys have to look so cool?!
09/30/14 Ciel noSurge Gallery Bonanza
Gust digs deep in their repertoire to re-release Ciel noSurge for the Vita
09/30/14 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Talk Show Date Announced
09/30/14 NAtURAL DOCtRINE Review
Note the lowercase "t," the first clue to an elaborate code embedded in the game.
09/30/14 The Sacred Tears TRUE Gets an English Release!
A traditional JRPG with a deep card battle system.
09/30/14 100 Rogues Developer Releases Auro
And who doesn't want a little bump and grind?
09/29/14 A Look at Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Creation
It comes with a beard slider for extra full luxury! You can even adjust your jowls! Horns!
09/29/14 Chaos;Child Unfortunately Delayed
The upcoming visual novel is experiencing unknown setbacks.
09/29/14 Tales of Xillia 2 Review
I don't need to play a video game to experience debt.
09/29/14 Interview with Voice Actress Jill Melancon
Can we get her an iPad so she can play the game she stars in?
09/28/14 Destiny Review
You are the chosen one.
09/28/14 Meet Etrian Odyssey Untold II's Bertrand
A new character trailer details the lazy knight.
09/27/14 Book Review: Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner Vol. 1
"Serph froze. Someone was staring at him. He could feel it."
09/27/14 Square Enix Considering Kingdom Hearts 3DS HD Remaster
And talk about KHIII!
09/26/14 Former Square Enix Developers Bring The Legend of Legacy to Life
And it looks kinda like Bravely Default!
09/26/14 New Classes and Familiar Faces Join Final Fantasy Explorers!
Now, what exactly does a Geomancer do?
09/26/14 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Review
Step on up to the plate.
09/26/14 Jury System Coming to Next Ace Attorney Game?
Elementary, my dear Ryuunosuke.
09/26/14 Yukiko and Shinjiro Appear in New Persona Q English Trailers
Come, Konohana Sakuya!
09/26/14 Pier Solar HD Launching Next Week
From Genesis to, uh, Dreamcast? Oh, and also modern consoles.
09/25/14 Sherlock Holmes Joins the Cast of Ace Attorney
The world's greatest detective who isn't Batman!
09/25/14 Risen 3: Titan Lords Review
It's not as bad as you think.
09/24/14 Five New Trailers Debut for Tales of Zestiria
Bandai Namco is showing off the system and pre-order bonuses players can expect in 2015!
09/24/14 A New Trailer for Chaos Rings III
Featuring the game's theme song!
09/24/14 Final Fantasy XV Director Wants a More Casual Experience
I'm sure no one will have a problem with this…
09/24/14 Legend of Grimrock II Release Date, Details
Yep, this game is still coming out!
09/23/14 Final Fantasy Alums Bring Zodiac to Life
A persistent RPG?
09/23/14 Interview with David Brevik
You may know him from such games as... everything.
09/23/14 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Will Have Japanese and English Language Options
Mind you, it's also being released worldwide at about the same time.
09/22/14 Persona Q English Trailers Galore
You get a Persona Q trailer! And you get a Persona Q trailer! Everyone gets a Persona Q trailer!
09/22/14 Konami and tri-Ace Coming Together for Chronos Ring
The smarphone RPG we didn't know we wanted is on its way with beautiful artwork and an exciting trailer!
09/22/14 Luminous Arc Infinity Character and Story Introductions
The lazy guy to the rescue!
09/22/14 Director Hajima Tabata Talks About Final Fantasy XV
"We're designing it to be a road movie that you can experience as an RPG."
09/22/14 Bravely Second's New Three Musketeers Trailer
World's worst bodyguards?
09/22/14 TGS 2014: Rise of Mana Vita Trailer
Will we eventually see this Mana title in the west?
09/22/14 TGS 2014: New Etrian Odssey Untold II Trailer
A look a everything the game has to offer.
09/22/14 TGS 2014: New Shining Resonance Gameplay Video
A massive 25 minutes in length!
09/22/14 Dark Souls II: Crown of the Old Iron King DLC Review
Rob quits.
09/22/14 Disgaea 5 Invading Japan Next March
And it's already confirmed for a North American release.
09/21/14 TGS 2014: Final Fantasy Explorers Trailer
And Bahamut has arrived!
09/21/14 Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet Review
Is this visual novel about a Junker junk?
09/21/14 TGS 2014: Just a Few More Final Fantasy XV Images
Man, is that a nice car.
09/21/14 TGS 2014: This Trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is Stunning
I needs it now.
09/21/14 TGS 2014: Details and Video for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.4: Dreams of Ice
It's right around the corner, but we finally got our first look at much of what's in store.
09/20/14 TGS 2014: Video of the Bravely Second Gameplay Demo
See the new main characters and wizard job class.
09/20/14 New Tales of Hearts R English Screenshots
Get your hands off my sister!
09/20/14 RPGFan Music: The Players' Score: A Video Game Music Documentary on Kickstarter
And we've got the details on a newly-involved composer, too!
09/19/14 Shadowgate Review
A review of the recent remake.
09/19/14 TGS 2014: See Tales of Zestiria's Show Demo
And you'll be pleased to hear it will be heading west relatively soon!
09/19/14 Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Heading to PC Starting October
Get your L'Cie on.... again.
09/18/14 TGS 2014: Bravely Default Producer Happy With US Sales, Hopes To Localize Bravely Second
In a short conversation at TGS, Producer states his hopes for localization.
09/18/14 Bloodborne Launching Early Next Year in North America and Europe
Check out the collector's edition and TGS trailer!
09/18/14 TGS 2014: Tales of Zestiria First Impressions
Be jealous of our illustrious leader right now.
09/17/14 Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 Trailer + Agito Coming to Vita
Plus, Tetsuya Nomura leaves the FFXV project!
09/17/14 Torment: Tides of Numenera First Footage Revealed
Why would you ever offer yourself to something called "The Maw?"
09/17/14 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Release Date Announced, Footage Debuts
And it comes with a Final Fantasy XV demo!
09/17/14 Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force is More Than A Port
While it will include sections directly relating to Fairy Fencer F, this title will stand on its own.
09/16/14 Brand New Footage From Final Fantasy Explorers
Videos include old Final Fantasy heroes, multiplayer, and an in-depth look at job classes.
09/16/14 New Details on Protagonist Yuu From Bravely Second
And the Tomahawk Job Class revealed.
09/15/14 Latest Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Trailer Shows New Mega Pokemon
And a demo is on its way!
09/14/14 Tales of Zestiria Japanese Release Date Set
And the final party character is revealed!
09/14/14 Meet the Cast of Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord
Ten character profiles for Atlus' next RPG await you.
09/13/14 New Screens for Gabriel Knight's 20th Anniversary Remake
Oh, and a release date. That's good information too.
09/13/14 Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited Review
John Tucker's 100th review for RPGFan!
09/13/14 Gallery Debut for Mistwalker's Terra Battle
This artwork gives me the 16-bit RPG feels, yo.
09/12/14 Hey, Blackguards 2 is Real, According to This Video
First screen shots, too!
09/12/14 Tabletop Meets Digital in Dicetiny
A look at an upcoming PC game featuring card-based tabletop-style battles.
09/12/14 Everything You Need to Know about Guild Wars 2's September Update
Plenty of details, all illustrated in a new batch of screen shots.
09/11/14 Yes, You Can Now Easily Find Android Coverage on RPGFan
Fulfilling a long-standing request.
09/11/14 Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Review
A music game based on Final Fantasy... Would Stephen like that?
09/11/14 Sega Announces Online RPG The World End Eclipse
The game will be free-to-play on smartphones, PC, and Vita.
09/11/14 Pokemon Omega & Alpha Introduce Mega Sharpedo, Camerupt, Gallade
And new info on Primal Groudon and Kyogre.
09/11/14 More Details on Dragon Quest: Heroes, Dragon Quest XI In Development
Would you like some more Dragon Quest? How about a lot more?
09/10/14 Dragon Quest 1 Hits iTunes Today
Using its original name for the first time outside of Japan!
09/10/14 Atlus USA And Nintendo Announce Persona Q 3DS XL For North America
A special edition RPG fans want!
09/10/14 Joe Dever's The Lone Wolf: Act III Review
The Shianti Hills.
09/10/14 The End and The Beginning: A Return to Hoenn
Editorial by Andrew Barker, aspiring Pokémon professor.
09/09/14 Your Appearance Will Change with Equipment in Final Fantasy Explorers
And there will be free online multiplayer!
09/09/14 Diancie and Shiny Gengar Distribution Coming Soon For Pokemon X & Y
Oh happy day!
09/09/14 Check Out Fantasy Life's Latest Trailer
Only a little over a month to go for North America.
09/09/14 Meet Two of Shining Resonance's Villains
A Magic Gunner and a Ninja.
09/08/14 The Journey Down - Episode 2 Review
Released a staggering 18 months after Episode 1.
09/08/14 Meet Mariel From The Awakened Fate Ultimatum
Sister of Jupiel, and a top-ranked angel.
09/07/14 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Will Include Numerous Changes From the PSP Game
Including changed level of difficulty and the removal of multiplayer.
09/07/14 Natural Doctrine Will Have PS4 Exclusive Missions
But all versions will include extra content previously released in Japan as a patch.
09/07/14 The Witcher Adventure Game Hands-On Preview
Except it's not an adventure game, it's a board game.
09/07/14 Dark Knight Job and Legendary Characters Shown For Final Fantasy Explorers
You can see it for yourself in the livestream.
09/07/14 Remakes of Older Dragon Quests Coming Soon to Android and iOS
And maybe Dragon Quest VII and X someday too...
09/07/14 New Screenshots For Fairy Fencer F
With a focus on combat.
09/06/14 New Party Member Revealed For Bravely Second
The "Falcon of the Gale."
09/06/14 Watch Shining Resonance's Opening Video
Incuding the characters playing musical instruments.
09/06/14 New Etrian Odyssey 2 Trailer Introduces Flavio
Let the character introduction trailers begin.
09/06/14 See Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star in Action
Over 30 new pieces of media, including six bite-sized gameplay videos, new screens, and artwork.
09/05/14 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (Steam) Review
How Estelle got her groove back.
09/05/14 PoPoLoCrois Meets Harvest Moon in a Newly Announced 3DS Title
I'm weirdly excited by this.
09/05/14 Shin Megami Tensei IV Delayed in Europe
Well, we've already been waiting a year. What's another month?
09/05/14 Learn About Omega Quinet's Promotional Video System
You can even join them on-stage using the PlayStation Camera!
09/05/14 End of the World Visual Novel Eden* Coming to Steam
What's with the asterisk?
09/05/14 Persona Q's Two Protagonists Feature in the Latest Trailers
I've lost track of all the different trailers Atlus has released for this one...
09/04/14 Luminous Arc Infinity To Feature Multiple Endings
Morality system? Quest rewards? Nobody knows.
09/04/14 Natural Doctrine Delayed One More Week
Hardcore strategy fans will have to wait a little longer.
09/04/14 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD To Be Released "Within The Next Year"
Something to keep your PS4 or Xbox One busy next summer?
09/04/14 Disgaea 5 To Be Bigger Than Ever, All About Revenge
Trust me... that's mighty big.
09/04/14 Danganronpa 2: Beyond Despair Review
The bear is back in town.
09/04/14 Rediscover Hoenn in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire's Newest Trailer
It's getting close!
09/04/14 New Ys Announced For PlayStation 4 and Vita
09/04/14 Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Use GamePad in a "User-Friendly" Way
Maybe making that quest log easier to navigate.
09/03/14 Rise of Mana Coming To PlayStation Vita
Mana is back on consoles... Sort of.
09/02/14 Dark Scavenger Review
Featuring drunk bandits in their skivvies.
09/02/14 Icewind Dale: Enchanced Edition Coming Soon
More classid D&D RPG goodness.
09/01/14 New Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Screen Shots
Because I need another game to take over my life.
09/01/14 Citizens of Earth Gallery Debut
Grab a grande upside down half caff double foam nonfat cafe latte from Moonbucks and watch three trailers as well for this offbeat RPG.
09/01/14 New Art, Screens for Daedalic's The Devil's Men
Yep, it's still pretty.
09/01/14 Interview with Karl Roelofs of Shadowgate Fame
One of the creators of the original Shadowgate!
09/01/14 Persona 5 Coming to PlayStation 4, New Trailer
Don't panic! It will still be released for PS3, too.
09/01/14 Bloodborne's Release Date Revealed For Japan
There's a new trailer, too!
09/01/14 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 2 Heading to North America, Europe
Neptunia just keeps coming.
09/01/14 New Luminous Arc Game Announced For Vita
From Nintendo to Sony.
09/01/14 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix's Latest Trailer Showcases New Content
If you catch all the Keyblades, are you a Keyblade Master?
09/01/14 New Trailer For Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II
...Ugh, the long names.
08/29/14 A First Look at the World of Lords of the Fallen
Harkyn is the only hope of saving the world, as only evil can defeat evil... apparently.
08/29/14 Etrian Odyssey 2's Arianna Gets Her Own Trailer
The Princess of the the Duchy of Caledonia would like to politely introduce herself.
08/29/14 Check Out Bravely Second's Newest Video
This beautifully crafted trailer shows off more of the upcoming Winter release!
08/29/14 Xenoblade Chronicles Announced For 3DS
Which, unfortunately, you'll need a new model of 3DS to play...
08/28/14 BEEP: A History of Game Sound Now on Kickstarter!
Plus, an exclusive announcement of a legendary composer attached to the project!
08/28/14 Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Feature an Improved Quest Log and Interface
Less scrolling? Yay!
08/28/14 Mistwalker Release First Full Trailer For Terra Battle
We've also got some details on how to pre-register for its release.
08/27/14 Random Encounter - Episode 84
Leave no stone unturned!
08/27/14 Etrian Odyssey 2 Gets a Release Date and a Chef
We've also got details on the extras players can expect this Winter!
08/27/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Have Multiplayer
And here is a trailer.
08/27/14 Xenoblade Chronicles X to Have a World Five Times Larger Than Predecessor
...Holy cow.
08/26/14 Learn More About Paladins, Hunters, Shiva and Resonance in Final Fantasy Explorers
So many new screens!
08/26/14 Fencers and Fairies Merge in New Fairy Fencer F Screenshots
And also in the new trailer!
08/26/14 The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 5 Review
No spoilers!
08/26/14 Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment- Review
New Vita RPGs are always nice to hear about.
08/26/14 New Gameplay Videos For Idol RPG Omega Quintet
The bad news: its release has been delayed.
08/25/14 Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy to Come with I, II, and Omega
Four Chaos Rings for the price of one!
08/25/14 Watch the First Ever Gameplay Footage of Bravely Second
It will also be playable at TGS this year!
08/25/14 See Both Angel and Demon Modes in a New Awakened Fate Ultimatum Video
Demons aren't too intimidating in chibi form.
08/25/14 Natural Doctrine's Newest Video Shows How You Can Blow up Obstacles
Pew pew!
08/24/14 See New Transformation and Character Videos For Tales of Zestiria
And a release date will be revealed soon!
08/24/14 New Introductory Trailer and TV Spots For Dragon Quest X 3DS
And even a 'making of' the TV spot!
08/24/14 Localisation For Visual Novel Clannad In Progress
The times, they are a changin'.
08/22/14 Rhythm Encounter 16 - Schmoozin' with Schafianski
We schmooze smoothly with Sean Schafianski.
08/22/14 The Final Episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 Available This Week
Oh my darling, Clementine.
08/22/14 Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Hits 3DS Next Week
Case solved.
08/22/14 Legend of Grimrock Announced For iOS
Back to the prison we go.
08/21/14 Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed Review
It's like that time everyone saw Mike's underwear in The Room.
08/20/14 Final Fantasy Explorers Gets a Japanese Release Date
Not to mention Ramuh, Fenrir, Time Mage, and Ninja.
08/20/14 Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley to Feature More Animal Traits Than Ever Before
You mean I have to raise cows differently from chickens?
08/20/14 Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review
Expanded devil fighting from the comfort of your couch!
08/20/14 Paladin and Hunter Job Classes Confirmed For Final Fantasy Explorers
And Shiva will be there too.
08/20/14 Watch Bloodborne Gamescom Demo Video Walkthrough
Gamescom has been good to us!
08/19/14 Quest for Infamy Review
Not to be confused with Quest for Glory.
08/19/14 RPGFan Music: Piano Opera Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX
You won't believe what happens when one editor tries to force Tonberry references!
08/19/14 Pokemon Fans in China Petition For Localisation
Good luck, guys!
08/19/14 Fantasy Life Release Date Set For Europe, New Trailer
About a month before North America.
08/17/14 The Dragon's Reach: Part 2 Now Live in Guild Wars 2
Tyria is not yet free of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.
08/17/14 New Blackguards 2 Teaser Trailer
Daedalic is back with a new The Dark Eye strategy RPG.
08/17/14 Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Review
Dusk of an old world.
08/17/14 The Detail Hands-On Preview
Or, The Moral Ambiguity Among Us.
08/17/14 New Screens For Danganronpa 2
Monokuma's in a suit!
08/16/14 New Off-Screen Bloodborne Videos From Gamescom
You died.
08/16/14 Watch the Pokemon World Championships Live Via Twitch
Plus, see the trailers for previously leaked Mega Evolutions of Slowbro and Audino.
08/16/14 Watch EverQuest Next's Official Keynote Address
Well, if you have an hour to spare.
08/16/14 Ether One Coming to PlayStation 4, Built From Scratch
Great news for traditional adventure and exploration fans.
08/16/14 New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Videos Take Us Through Disney Worlds
But not "whole new world[s]."
08/15/14 A New Batch Of The Witcher 3 Images
If your day wasn't awesome enough already, we've got the solution.
08/15/14 A Dream Team of Former Employees Come Together for X-Tactics
Have a look at this new mobile RPG from previous Square Enix, Capcom, and Sega team members.
08/15/14 New Media for Dragon Age: Inquisition
My my, that's one misty little kingdom you've got there.
08/15/14 New Media and a Sneak Peek at Sword Art Online's Free DLC Pack
Also, some information on the game's first free major update.
08/14/14 Dreamfall Chapters a PlayStation 4 Exclusive on Consoles
But don't worry, it's still coming first to PC, Mac and Linux as planned.
08/14/14 New Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer Straight From Gamescom
Darkness descends over Thedas.
08/14/14 A First Look at Bloodborne
The official trailer has finally been released!
08/13/14 Alphadia Genesis (Android) Review
Generic JRPGs are Kemco's specialty!
08/13/14 Shadowgate Hands-On Preview
Retro preview? Nope, this one's being rebooted.
08/13/14 Obsidian Acquires Pathfinder License
This could be very, very good.
08/13/14 CD Projekt Red Set the Tone for The Witcher 3
A new developer video describes the upcoming world and setting.
08/12/14 Gawk at Ar Nosurge In 50 New Images
A veritable platter of new screens and a generous helping of character art will... okay, now I'm hungry.
08/12/14 Rogue Legacy (Playstation Ports) Review
Our family line is cursed with vertigo and hypergonadism.
08/12/14 New Mega Evolutions For Slowbro and Audino in Pokemon Alpha & Omega Leaked
08/12/14 Meet Chaos Rings III's Heroes and Learn What Brings Them Together
New story details inside!
08/12/14 Visual Novel Chaos;Child to Release in Japan This November
The fourth in their "Science Adventure" series.
08/11/14 Expanded Details on New Mega Pokemon and Contests in Alpha & Omega
Including a new trailer!
08/11/14 New Go! Go! Nippon! Visual Novel in Development
Travel guide, round two.
08/10/14 New Natural Doctrine Trailer and Screenshots
Take a look at different multiplayer modes.
08/10/14 Clannad [Full Voice] Review
A visual novel to make you weep.
08/10/14 New Mega Evolutions Announced For Pokemon Alpha & Omega
Along with new details on Pikachu costumes and in-game contests.
08/10/14 Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Cofirmed For iOS in North America, Europe
Must. Avoid. Making. Objection. Pun. ...Take that!
08/09/14 Gallery Debut for Hatoful Boyfriend
Make your pigeon dating dreams come true later this month.
08/09/14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn One Year Anniversary Site Opens
And promises lots of new events and goodies soon.
08/09/14 Tales Producer Shows Off Xillia 2's Limited Day One Metal Case
Yep, a whole video dedicated to it. For some reason.
08/08/14 Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon Coming to X & Y in PAL Regions Too
Yay! I'll certainly be grabbing one.
08/08/14 Early Details on Etrian Odyssey 2 3DS Remake
A princess, a ceremony, and a strange transformation? This remake is already shaping up nicely!
08/08/14 Two Additions to Tales Of Zestiria's Roster and New Character Intro Videos
Meet Sergei and Lucas and check out the latest Kamui Mode fusion options!
08/08/14 NIS America Streaming Natural Doctrine Multiplayer at 4:30 PM PST
See the game in action for yourself.
08/08/14 Of Blood and Song – An Analysis of Drakengard 3
Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Zero.
08/07/14 Chaos Rings III Will Have Over 50 Hours of Content
Well, we all know those numbers are always at least a little exaggerated.
08/07/14 Breath of Fire 6 Heading to iOS, Android, Browsers in Spring of 2015
And maybe we'll see it in the west?
08/07/14 World of Warcraft Down 800,000 Subscribers in Three Months
But perhaps it's only a temporary lull before the new expansion?
08/06/14 Pokemon X & Y Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon Can Be Caught by North Americans
But only until August 12th!!
08/06/14 Joe Dever's Lone Wolf: Act III Available Now
Get your Shianti power cubes ready.
08/06/14 Dragon Quest IV Available Later Today on iOS in North America
And it's already out in Australia and New Zealand!
08/06/14 PlayStation Owner? RPG Fan? This Sale Is For You!
Tons of discounts on RPGs for PSP, PS3, and PSVita.
08/06/14 Crypt of the NecroDancer Hands-On Preview
This roguelike's got the rhythm.
08/06/14 Etrian Odyssey 2 Remake Heading to 3DS
Check out the debut trailer.
08/06/14 Final Fantasy XI August Update Just Around the Corner
There's still more new stuff on the way for this gracefully aging MMO.
08/06/14 Xblaze: Lost Memories Announced For PS3 and Vita in Japan
Nobodies and lost memories? KH, anyone?
08/05/14 Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons' New Trailer Shows New Features
Including the new Scourge Warlock class.
08/05/14 MMORPG Burning Blade Now on Android
Another loot-filled MMO hits Google Play.
08/05/14 Danganronpa 2's Includes New Logic Dives and Rebuttal Showdowns
See those new features and more in our updated gallery.
08/05/14 Bioshock Heading to iOS
Would you kindly read this article?
08/05/14 Secret of Mana Coming to Android in Fall
And it's currently discounted on iOS!
08/05/14 New Dragon Quest Monsters Currently in Development
A slime draws near!
08/04/14 Chaos Rings III Announced For Vita, Android, iOS
Come take a look at the first revealed screens.
08/04/14 Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland Review
Better than the original, but...
08/04/14 Squids Odyssey Review
Cute but tough.
08/04/14 Part 1 of The Dragon's Reach Now Live in Guild Wars 2
And we've got some new screens in our gallery.
08/02/14 Bravely Second to Feature New Writing Team
And a slew of media for the new jobs? Sign me up!
08/02/14 Alliance Chopper Coming to World of Warcraft Too
Nobody misses out!
08/02/14 NIS America Swaps Release Dates For Fairy Fencer F and Natural Doctrine
Just to keep you on your toes.
08/02/14 Heracross and Pinsir to Be Distributed to Pokemon X & Y
Along with Mega Stones if you live in North America.
08/02/14 Meet Jupiel From The Awakened Fate Ultimatum
Will you save her? Or let her die?
08/01/14 Classi Point-And-Click Remake Shadowgate Launching August
It's quite the upgrade!
08/01/14 Videos and Details from the Tales of Zestiria Live Stream
We've got the full breakdown from the Nico Nico Douga Live Stream Event.
08/01/14 Rhythm Encounter 15 - Hometown
Oh Derek, won't you come back to your homeeee towwwnnn?
07/31/14 First English Trailer for The Awakened Fate Ultimatum
Who will you save?
07/31/14 Shin Megami Tensei IV Coming to Europe in September
07/31/14 80 Days Review
The perfect game for Choose Your Own Adventure fans.
07/30/14 Dragon Quest IV Head West on Smartphones
Keep 'em coming!
07/30/14 Divinity: Original Sin Review
Now this is the power of Kickstarter.
07/30/14 MMORPG Swordsman Out of Beta and Ready to Play
Get your Wuxia on,
07/30/14 Square Enix Discounts Final Fantasy Games on Android
Quick! Time's running out.
07/30/14 Supercell Songwriter Ryo Composing For Bravely Second
I'm pretty excited by this.
07/29/14 See Dragon Age: Inquisition's Combat In-Depth in a New Video
The first in a series of upcoming videos.
07/29/14 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Now Available on PC
My body is ready.
07/29/14 RPGFan Music: Gaming Fantasy
Taylor Davis skillfully strings away!
07/29/14 Twitch Plays Pokemon X & Y Begins
Praise Lady Helix?
07/29/14 Phantasy Star Nova Release Date Announced For Japan
No word on a release anywhere else. Not surprising.
07/28/14 A New City is Revealed For Bravely Second
Jump inside to learn more about Agnes and the new Luxendarc.
07/27/14 New Screens & Art For Mordheim: City of the Damned
Whimsyshire this ain't.
07/27/14 A Few New Lords of the Fallen Images
My grandpa, what ornate armor you have!
07/27/14 Multiplayer: A Tribute to Video Games Earns for Charity
Spend money, get music, support charity!
07/27/14 An Ode to Child of Light
A musing on the use of verse.
07/27/14 Revolution 60 Review
An SF graphic adventure for iOS.
07/26/14 Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 3 Confirmed
Defend your lawn! Oh, wait, wrong game.
07/26/14 RPGFan Music: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Symphony Review
Twilight Princess goes symphonic!
07/25/14 RPGFan Music: Grinsia OST
Pongball strikes SNES-scented gold!
07/25/14 Sen no Kiseki II Will Let You Import Save Data
We've also got a new trailer to share.
07/25/14 Learn More About Tales of Zestiria's Map Actions in New Screens
I'm Sorey to tell you there's also more on character names.
07/25/14 Tears to Tiara II: Hear of the Overlord Heads Out West
Thank Atlus and NISA for this one.
07/24/14 Lords of the Fallen Limited Edition Confirmed
Soundtrack, DLC, the usual.
07/24/14 Horde Chopper Mount Free For a Limited Time in World of Warcraft
Get to the chopper! / They came from...behind.
07/24/14 Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Box Art Revealed
Sora and Roxas get to be on it twice.
07/24/14 Great Edo Blacksmith Announced For PlayStation Vita
It's like Recettear... but with ladies and a blacksmith.
07/24/14 Random Encounter - Episode 83
Can you guess the theme?
07/24/14 Dark Souls II DLC Review: Crown of the Sunken King
Rob isn't happy.
07/24/14 Legend of a Ninja: A Shadow to Remember Review
Understand the ninja.
07/24/14 Agnes Returns For Bravely Second
07/24/14 Tales of Zestiria English Names Confirmed
Along with a couple of new gameplay images.
07/23/14 See Class of Heroes 2G's Dual-Screen Feature in Action
Check out this western-exclusive content.
07/23/14 Escha Enters Combat in New Atelier Shallie DLC
But will she stick around?
07/23/14 North American and European Release Dates Revealed For Persona Q
And take a look at the game's opening movie.
07/23/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition's Release Delayed
Players will have to wait just a little longer, but for the right reasons.
07/22/14 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Gliding to PC Next Week
Brace yourself! Get it? ...
07/22/14 The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 Review
In which Bob muses on the dangers of a dialogue timer.
07/22/14 Secret of Mana on iOS is Getting an Update
Don't forget: it'll be coming to Android eventually too!
07/22/14 Guild Wars 2's Living World Has Become Entangled
New content has arrived!
07/22/14 Kemco's Band of Monsters Free For a Limited Time on Smartphones
A free mobile RPG? Sure!
07/21/14 New Screens Show Off Skills In Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited
Over-the-top spells in Disgaea? Shocking!
07/21/14 Vote for Gurumin on Greenlight and Receive a Free Copy
Yep, simple as that! Pretty much.
07/21/14 Japanese Pop Idols Meet RPGs in Omega Quintet
We've got new screens for Compile Heart's first PS4 title.
07/21/14 Tell Koei Tecmo What You Think about Atelier Rorona Plus
They want to hear your thoughts in an official survey.
07/21/14 Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Will Only Be Released Digitally in Europe
North Americans will still see both physical and digital copies.
07/20/14 Disgaea 5 Cast Revealed?
Nippon Ichi Software reveal some new Disgaea-looking art.
07/20/14 First Fairy Fencer F English Screenshots
See Fang the Fencer and the fairies.
07/20/14 See Alvin and Elize in New Tales of Xillia 2 Videos
Let the character introcutions continue.
07/20/14 Dragon Quest X Goes Handheld in This New 3DS Trailer
See the game in action!
07/20/14 Get Ready for the Walking Dead: S2 Episode 4 in This New Trailer
Plus, release dates announced for all platforms.
07/19/14 Final Fantasy Record Keeper App Brings the Nostalgia
Relive the glory days of Final Fantasy in a whole new light.
07/19/14 Hyperdimension Neptunia VII 'Neptunia G' Story Gets a Trailer
The next story in the three part collection has its own clip!
07/17/14 Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed Comes to Europe in October
Strip those zombies!
07/17/14 First NAtURAL DOCtRINE English Media, Plus Website Launch
A full-featured website launch, and nearly 100 new screens and artworks.
07/17/14 Wasteland 2 Hands-On Preview
The world's wasted. How will you survive?
07/17/14 Massive Details for Tales of Zestiria!
This week's Famitsu was loaded with new information, and you can find it all here!
07/17/14 Meet the Newest Playable Character in Shining Resonance
Lesti, the Elven Dragoner, joins the fray!
07/17/14 Dark Souls II "Crown of the Sunken King" Gallery Update
Have a look at the DLC screenshots before they hit next week!
07/16/14 Have A Look At the Mysterious Final Fantasy Record Keeper
A timer with an unknown function? We're definitely curious!
07/15/14 Bik Review
In which we learn whether pens are better than markers...? No, that's probably not it.
07/15/14 Phoenix Announces Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar
Come see the announcement trailer and screens!
07/15/14 Final Fantasy Explorers Starting Class Revealed
Have a look at the Freelancer!
07/15/14 Mega Metagross Coming to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
The newest announcements for the upcoming remake are here!
07/15/14 Fire Emblem Explodes Onto Super Smash Bros. Scene
Lucina and Robin join the cast of the upcoming brawler!
07/15/14 A Sneak Peek at the Opening Movie for Ar Nosurge Plus
The PS Vita enhanced version starts out beautifully.
07/13/14 Dreamfall Chapters Gallery Debut
Take another look at the long-awaited sequel.
07/13/14 Why Not, Have Some Tales of Xillia 2 Screens, Too
You can't get enough Tales, right? Okay good. Come inside.
07/13/14 Fight With Your Heart in These New Tales of Hearts R Screens
"Really? Your name is Kor Meteor?" somebody must ask.
07/13/14 New Media for Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
New screen shots, and even more character artwork.
07/12/14 New Atelier Shallie Battle Footage Released
Have a final look at combat before the title debuts next week!
07/12/14 Editorial: An RPG By Any Other Name
Do we ever really play a role?
07/11/14 New Screens, Video & Limited Edition Details for Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star
There's a whole lot to see here.
07/11/14 Final Fantasy Explorers Highlighted in Nintendo Direct Video
Combat footage and a release window? I know what I want this holiday season.
07/11/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition Details and Alpha Gameplay Footage
No more Mabari in combat? Say it isn't so!
07/11/14 Discover the World of Natural Doctrine in a New Trailer
Time to get psyched for this challenging strategy title.
07/11/14 Revisit Your Promise in This New Disgaea 4 Vita Trailer
In English!
07/11/14 Shiny Jirachi Will Be Distributed to Pokemon X & Y in Japan
Because you can never have too much Pokémon news!
07/11/14 Don't Despair: New Screen Shots for Danganronpa 2 Are Here
These screens are much less terrible than this headline.
07/11/14 Secret Bases Making a Comeback in Pokemon Alpha & Omega
And... Doctor Pikachu!? See that and more in our updated gallery.
07/11/14 Terrain Will Play a Role in Tales of Zestiria's Battles
And meet the "Blue Valkyrie."
07/11/14 Excave: Sorcerer of the Underworld Out Next Week in Japan
Learn more about this roguelike for the 3DS.
07/11/14 Indie Adventure Game Quest for Infamy Now Available
Time to earn some Infamy Points.
07/11/14 Four Videos Show Arc System Works' New RPG in Action
The combat looks pretty fast-paced!
07/11/14 Strategy RPG Crossover Super Hero Generation Announced
Mobile Suit Gundam, Kamen Rider and Ultraman will fight together.
07/10/14 The Legend of Heroes: Akatsuki no Kiseki Official Site Opened
It's heading to PC! ...Which is not exactly a surprise.
07/10/14 More Solo-Friendly Content Promised for The Elder Scrolls Online
Among other eventual game changes.
07/10/14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Patch 2.2 - 2.28 Review
One final look at the rest of the 2.2 era before we move on to 2.3.
07/10/14 Mega Metagross Deploying to Pokemon Alpha & Omega
Does it remind anyone else of a TIE Interceptor?
07/10/14 New Content Coming to Natural Doctrine in Japan
Hopefully we'll get it here too, once the game is released.
07/10/14 Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Talks About New Content
A sequel may also be in the works.
07/10/14 Origins Character Leliana Returning for Dragon Age: Inquisition
And take a look at 16 minutes of gameplay footage!
07/10/14 Lords of the Fallen Release Date Revealed
Sharpen your axe.
07/10/14 Rogue Legacy on Its Way to PlayStation Consoles
Descendants unite!
07/09/14 Aksys Games Announces Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters
The visual novel/RPG is heading our way!
07/09/14 Grim Fandango Remaster Will Also Be Available on PC
And Mac and Linux too!
07/09/14 Say Goodbye to Despair in a New Trailer for Danganronpa 2
Goodbye Despair! I said it.
07/09/14 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel May Reach PS4, Xbox One
More guns!
07/09/14 Battle Princess of Arcadias Review
Does this continue the legacy of games like Odin Sphere and Dust: An Elysian Tail?
07/09/14 Get Entangled in Season 2 of Guild Wars 2's New Trailer
When they say "Living World," they're not kidding.
07/09/14 See the New Trailer for The Awaked Fate Ultimatum
Become a god, and the lives of others are in your hands.
07/09/14 Free-to-Play-Style Bravely Default Launching in Japan
Well, more like an extended demo... with in-game purchases.
07/09/14 Paper Mario 64 a Club Nintendo Reward for a Limited Time
You've got less than one month!
07/09/14 Dragon Quest X Heading to 3DS in Japan
Well, streamed, anyway.
07/09/14 Bloodborne Release Targeted for Early 2015
But if you're going to Gamescom, you'll get to play it sooner.
07/09/14 Tales of Phantasia iOS App to Be Removed from Circulation
After six months, the free-to-play title is being pulled.
07/08/14 The Wolf Among Us Episode 5: Cry Wolf Review
Bob weighs in on the season finale of The Wolf Among Us. Should you jump in?
07/07/14 Class of Heroes 2G Now Has a Limited Physical Edition
But you better grab it quick.
07/07/14 RPGFan at E3 2014
This is it: everything we saw, played, previewed, demoed, loved, hated, and wanted but did not see.
07/07/14 Fancy Pattern Vivillon Now Availble in Pokemon X & Y
And it comes with a brand new, never before seen move.
07/07/14 Pokemon National Championships Winners Crowned
To beat all the rest was their cause.
07/07/14 Get to Know Lloyd and Rixia in Sen no Kiseki II
And get to know them even better with new Bonding Events.
07/07/14 Templar Cullen Returning for Dragon Age: Inquisition
The Origins fan-favourite character makes a return.
07/06/14 New Muramasa Rebirth DLC Heading to North America and Europe
In which you play as a ninja who can summon a snake.
07/06/14 Learn More about Risen 3's Guardian's Guild
Plus new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.
07/06/14 Angry Birds Epic Review
Android Andrew is back with another mobile game review!
07/06/14 The Denpa Men 3: Rise of the Digitoll Review
What the heck is a Denpa Man?
07/06/14 Random Encounter - Episode 82
Will you answer the call?
07/06/14 Godly Powers Can Be Yours in The Awakened Fate Ultimatum
Or demonic. Whichever you prefer.
07/05/14 Final Fantasy Explorers to Feature Advanced Technical Maneuvers
Along with monster recruiting, chocobos, and maybe even an airship.
07/05/14 Demon Gaze 2 in Development
The anime-styled dungeon-crawler will make a comeback.
07/05/14 One-Way Heroics Review
Will you escape the creeping wall of darkness?
07/05/14 Sorcery Saga: Curse Of The Great Curry God Review
Curse indeed.
07/05/14 Pokemon National Championships Streaming Live
Jump inside to watch the video game and TCG US championships!
07/05/14 Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Preview
Devour souls and control them as puppets.
07/05/14 MangaGamer Localising Otome Visual Novel Ozmafia!!
Those exclamation marks are part of the title. I'm not just really excited.
07/04/14 Learn More about Shining Resonance's Combat Systems
Execute magic, chain combos, and transform into a dragon!
07/04/14 Terra Battle's Producer Discusses Setting and Characters
A mix of sci-fi and fantasy will be present in this Mistwalker mobile RPG.
07/04/14 Final Fantasy XIV's 2.3 Patch Brings in Item Desynthesis
Break it down!
07/04/14 99 Spirits Expansion Now on Steam
With another one coming soon!
07/04/14 Link of Hearts Review
Kemco's back again with another mobile RPG.
07/04/14 Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past Review
Can Spellforce confront its own demons?
07/04/14 MMORPG Swordsman Now in Open Beta
And a new trailer to go with it.
07/03/14 Visual Novel Planetarian Coming to Steam
The decade-old game is making a comeback!
07/03/14 The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 Arriving on July 8th
Will Bigby cry wolf?
07/03/14 Sequel to The Guided Fate Paradox Coming West Next Year
NIS America strikes again!
07/03/14 E3 2014: Read Only Memories Preview
A retro-style, LGBT-friendly cyberpunk graphic adventure.
07/03/14 See Dreamfall Chapters First Book in a New Trailer
Chapter one of Chapters.
07/03/14 Mistwalker Announces a New RPG for Smartphones
Yes, another free-to-play. ...Yay?
07/03/14 Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Dated for North America, Europe
Play a single-player RPG about playing a MMORPG. It's very meta.
07/03/14 More Returning Characters Announced for Atelier Shallie
I'm amazed Harry hasn't died in some ancient ruins yet.
07/03/14 New Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix Trailer is a Graphical Comparison
Am I the only one who couldn't always see a difference?
07/02/14 Child of Light Now Available on Vita
More Child of Light? What a delight!
07/02/14 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC Delayed
Sad news for fans hoping to play the title soon.
07/02/14 Ar Nosurge Gets a North American Release Date
Exciting news for fans of the series hoping for a localization!
07/02/14 Tales of Hearts R Coming West in November
We're about to get the English version of Tales of Hearts after 2158 days!
07/02/14 Final Fantasy: Artniks Dive Coming to Smartphones
A new free-to-play RPG in the Final Fantasy universe.
07/02/14 Fairy Fencer F Limited Edition and Release Date Announced
Make sure to get your +1 Beanie of Dedication!
07/02/14 Borderlands 2 PlayStation Vita Review
DLC included!
07/02/14 Rhythm Encounter Episode 14: Inn Vogue
Grab a pillow, strike a pose, also listen to the end for free musics!
07/01/14 E3 2014: Gabriel Knight: 20th Anniversary Edition Preview
Will we have Curry?
07/01/14 E3 2014: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Hands-On Preview
Is this game canon?
07/01/14 E3 2014: Swordsman Hands-On Preview
It's pronounced "wu-sha."
07/01/14 E3 2014: Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade Impressions
I hope you're caught up on your Warhammer 40K lore.

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