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March 2000
03/30/00 Sakura Taisen 3 New Info and Media!
03/30/00 Origin Loses Its Crown
03/29/00 New Grandia II Screens & Art
03/29/00 Final Fantasy IX Pictures
03/29/00 Ultima-Eternity
03/27/00 May RPG Ads and New Release Dates
03/27/00 Suikoden II Screens
03/27/00 Fire Emblem Artwork
03/26/00 Dragon Quest VII Poll
03/26/00 Mailbag Update: Remember When?
03/25/00 Innocent Tears Info and Pictures
03/25/00 Koudelka Preview
03/25/00 Symphony of the Night Reader Review
03/25/00 Gust Announces New RPG
03/24/00 The Super Famicom Lives...Barely.
03/24/00 RPGFan Chatroom Applet
03/24/00 News Bits
03/24/00 Midnight Movie Update
03/23/00 Dragon Quest VII Pictures!
03/23/00 Grandia II at TGS!
03/23/00 Phantasy Star Collection Music
03/23/00 Diablo 2 Beta Testers Announced
03/22/00 Real Audio Update
03/21/00 Tueday's News Bits
03/21/00 New Rhapsody Songs
03/20/00 9 New Movies!
03/20/00 Might and Magic VIII Editor Review
03/20/00 Koubu Action in Motion!
03/19/00 Editorials Update
03/19/00 Sakura Con 2000 Info & New Poll!
03/19/00 Breath of Fire IV Battle Screens
03/18/00 New Ogre Battle: Legend of the Zenobia Prince News!
03/18/00 U.S. Lunar 2 packaging & more!
03/18/00 Weekend News Update
03/18/00 Alundra 2 Contest
03/17/00 Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Screens
03/17/00 More Sakura Taisen GB Screens
03/14/00 Tuesday's News Bits
03/13/00 Even More Shen Mue Info
03/13/00 Monday's News Bits
03/13/00 Shen Mue Dub Info
03/12/00 Four Reader Reviews
03/12/00 Diablo II Beta Draws Near...
03/12/00 Soundtrack Packaging and Artwork
03/12/00 A Poll for all RPGFans!
03/12/00 Major Soundtracks Update!
03/12/00 Online Tournament Results
03/12/00 Late Night Pictures
03/11/00 Rune Jade media & information !
03/10/00 Alundra 2 Consumer Promotions
03/09/00 New info on Sakura Taisen GB!
03/08/00 Tales of Eternia Screens
03/08/00 Star Ocean Sequel Announced
03/08/00 New "Project Majestic Mix" Subsection!
03/07/00 Alundra 2 Preview
03/07/00 Rhapsody Wallpaper
03/07/00 Arle's Adventure : The Magic Jewels
03/06/00 Final Fantasy release dates shift
03/05/00 Online Gaming Tournament!
03/05/00 Alundra 2 U.S. Screens
03/05/00 PS2 Poll
03/05/00 Two Editor Reviews
03/04/00 Atlus to Release Second Installment of Persona 2
03/04/00 Saturday's News Bits
03/04/00 Breath of Fire IV Screens
03/04/00 Looking for Playstation 2 Coverage?
03/03/00 Playstation 2 Hits Japan!
03/03/00 Wild Arms 2 Packaging
03/03/00 Might and Magic VIII released
03/02/00 Three New Reader Reviews and Review News
03/02/00 Introducing Mythri!
03/01/00 Wednesday's News


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