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Rhythm Encounter 16 - Schmoozin' with Schafianski
08.22.14 | We schmooze smoothly with Sean Schafianski.

Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed Review
08.21.14 | It's like that time everyone saw Mike's underwear in The Room.

The Final Episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 Available This Week
08.22.14 | Oh my darling, Clementine.

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Hits 3DS Next Week
08.22.14 | Case solved.

Legend of Grimrock Announced For iOS
08.22.14 | Back to the prison we go.

Final Fantasy Explorers Gets a Japanese Release Date
08.20.14 | Not to mention Ramuh, Fenrir, Time Mage, and Ninja.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley to Feature More Animal Traits Than Ever Before
08.20.14 | You mean I have to raise cows differently from chickens?

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review
08.20.14 | Expanded devil fighting from the comfort of your couch!

Paladin and Hunter Job Classes Confirmed For Final Fantasy Explorers
08.20.14 | And Shiva will be there too.

Watch Bloodborne's Gamescom Demo Video Walkthrough
08.20.14 | Gamescom has been good to us!

Quest for Infamy Review
08.19.14 | Not to be confused with Quest for Glory.

RPGFan Music: Piano Opera Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX
08.19.14 | You won't believe what happens when one editor tries to force Tonberry references!

Pokémon Fans in China Petition For Localisation
08.19.14 | Good luck, guys!

Fantasy Life Release Date Set For Europe, New Trailer
08.19.14 | About a month before North America.

The Dragon's Reach: Part 2 Now Live in Guild Wars 2
08.17.14 | Tyria is not yet free of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.

New Blackguards 2 Teaser Trailer
08.17.14 | Daedalic is back with a new The Dark Eye strategy RPG.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Review
08.17.14 | Dusk of an old world.

The Detail Hands-On Preview
08.17.14 | Or, The Moral Ambiguity Among Us.

New Screens For Danganronpa 2
08.17.14 | Monokuma's in a suit!

New Off-Screen Bloodborne Videos From Gamescom
08.16.14 | You died.

Watch the Pokémon World Championships Live Via Twitch
08.16.14 | Plus trailers for previously leaked Mega Evolutions of Slowbro and Audino.

Watch EverQuest Next's Official Keynote Address
08.16.14 | Well, if you have an hour to spare.

Ether One Coming to PlayStation 4, Built From Scratch
08.16.14 | Great news for traditional adventure and exploration fans.

New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Videos Take Us Through Disney Worlds
08.16.14 | But not "whole new world[s]."

A New Batch Of The Witcher 3 Images
08.15.14 | If your day wasn't awesome enough already, we've got the solution.

A Dream Team of Former Employees Come Together for X-Tactics
08.15.14 | Have a look at this new mobile RPG from previous Square Enix, Capcom, and Sega team members.

New Media for Dragon Age: Inquisition
08.15.14 | My my, that's one misty little kingdom you've got there.

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Rhythm Encounter 16
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Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed Review
Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed
Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review
Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition
Quest for Infamy Review
Quest for Infamy
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