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Twinbee RPG OGS

[back cover]
Catalog Number: KICA-7861
Released On: April 3, 1998
Composed By: Hiroshi Tamawari
Arranged By: Hiroshi Tamawari
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

Part I
01 - Theme of "Twinbee role playing game" #2
02 - Under the dialogue with the princess
03 - Theme of Princess Melora
04 - The black mist
05 - Fear
06 - Theme of Molte and Vielen
07 - The station
Part II
08 - Funny
09 - Cinnamon lab.
10 - Tension
11 - Tragedy
12 - The battle
13 - The win
Part III
14 - Area of Tampopo town
15 - Fantasian
16 - The nest of the monster #1 (the studio)
17 - White castle
18 - The nest of the monster #2 (the school)
19 - Dessert junior high school
20 - The shop
Part IV
21 - Fanfare #1
22 - Area of Circo town
23 - The nest of the monster #3 (the hall)
24 - Bigaro hall
25 - The dance
26 - The nest of the monster #4 (the amusement park)
27 - Muddler land
Part V
28 - The Ferris wheel
29 - The roller coaster
30 - The game center
31 - Twinbee pierrot #1 (title)
32 - Twinbee pierrot #2 (stage)
33 - Twinbee pierrot #3 (continue and ranking)
34 - Twinbee pierrot #4 (ending)
Part VI
35 - The inn
36 - Area of Mt. Nikoniko
37 - Theme of Dr. Warmonn
38 - The battle against Dr. Warmonn
39 - The ruin of Mt. Nikoniko
40 - The pair of bells
41 - Eyecatch
Part VII
42 - Area of Tulip coast
43 - In the deserted house with the girl
44 - Calmness
45 - The fortune-telling
46 - Area of Eternal cape
47 - Area of Renge isl.
48 - Sadness
49 - The cave of Renge isl.
50 - Theme of Seeds and Salyut
51 - The fishing
52 - The flight
53 - Area of Tokai isl.
54 - The cabaret
Part IX
55 - Area of Sanctuary of Greed
56 - Madness
57 - Fanfare #2
58 - Sanctuary of Greed
59 - The battle against the boss of monsters
60 - Theme of Greed
61 - The battle against Greed #1
62 - The battle against Greed #2
63 - The battle against Greed #3
64 - The battle against Greed #4
Part X
65 - Peace
66 - The Gradius
67 - The Speed king
68 - The GTI Club
69 - Music box
70 - Theme of "Twinbee role playing game"
71 - Gameover
Total Time:

So Nintendo and Square team up to make Super Mario RPG back in the day. But they weren't the only ones to take a totally not-RPG-ish franchise and create an RPG. We must not forget about Konami's Twinbee RPG, after all.

"Twinbee" was a decent "shmup"-style series from Konami, like Gradius, Darius, etc. Cute girls in bikinis piloted ships and took out bad guys. That was the idea. Apparently the world was developed enough to make an RPG. And so, Twinbee RPG was born.

A strange anomaly in the world of RPG-dom, to be sure. But the soundtrack to Twinbee RPG is a textbook case of what a '90s JRPG soundtrack is meant to sound like. Granted, it was also an example of how to do track layouts wrong (this should have been two discs: no looping to fit 70 tracks on one disc is not cool). But it has everything you could want, or could expect. It's Kukeiha Club synth-happy. It has town themes. It has battle themes. It has catchy melodies at nearly every turn. And though most songs on here are forgettable, there are plenty that, if one wanted to, one could become hooked on the themes. It is only because the RPG is so niche and unpopular that its themes can't stick as well as, say, Secret of Mana.

For those willing to venture outside RPGs, I would recommend pretty much any other Twinbee CD (minus the drama CDs) over the RPG soundtrack. They are progressively better, the more action-oriented they are. But, with a little TLC, this soundtrack for Twinbee RPG could've been something special. Even so, there are some tracks I found to be superior, which you can hear in the audio samples. Check 'em out.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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