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RPGFan originally came to life under the name of LunarNET when Mickey "GhaleonOne" Shannon launched the site in December 1997. Eventually we expanded our coverage and became RPGFan in 1999. Mickey left RPGFan in 2000, but he later re-started LunarNET and is still running it today. There have been countless changes to the look of the site and the people running it over time, but our dedicated staff has always made every effort to stand by our slogan: Extensive coverage of Import & Domestic RPGs for all platforms.

RPGFan Senior Staff
Editor Title E-mail
John McCarroll Editor-in-Chief
Liz Maas Chief News & Social Media Editor
Mike Salbato Creative Director
Kyle E. Miller Managing Editor

RPGFan Editorial Staff
Editor Title E-mail
Andrew Barker Reviews Editor, News Contributor
Neal Chandran Reviews Editor
Derek Heemsbergen Reviews & Music Editor
Stephen Meyerink Music Managing Editor
Bradley Pearce Media Editor
Bob Richardson Reviews Editor, Music Contributor
Robert Steinman Random Encounter Host, Reviews Editor
John Tucker Reviews Editor
Dave Yeager Reviews Editor, Programmer

RPGFan Contributing Staff
Editor Title E-mail
Eric Farand Consultant -
Stephen Harris Reviews Contributor See John M. For Appt.
Abraham Ashton Liu Reviews Contributor
Greig McCallum Reviews Contributor
Patrick Gann Music Consultant
Sam Hansen Reviews Contributor
Joshua Bateman Reviews Contributor
Luna Lee Reviews Contributor -
Daniel Gonzales News Contributor
Sean Hutton Media & Graphics Contributor
Brian Tomlinson MMORPG Specialist
Jeremy Harnage News Contributor
Corey Romeyn News Contributor

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